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Who We Are

Outside the Box I.T. is I.T. when you need it.

Providing technology solutions for over a decade, we understand the needs of business owners. More importantly, we are able to analyze these needs and develop quality solutions when it comes to your technology.

We not only cater to the Mon Valley, Greater Pittsburgh Area, and Western PA, we also have clients as far away as Texas.  Proof that no matter how far or near, you will receive the same outstanding, prompt, personal care from us that is sadly lacking from most I.T. companies today. 

We are more than your standard I.T. company. Outside the Box I.T.ís host of technology products and services are geared to not only keep you connected, but to enhance all of your technological needs.

You will not find a more professional, courteous, and knowledgeable source when it comes to technology.


Our Unique Approach to I.T.

We look at I.T. as a vital part of any business. It should not be taken lightly, but it should also not be feared.  We like to tell our clients to "Forget about I.T."  Let us worry about keeping you up to date, secure, compliant, and connected.




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