Managed Services

Monitoring your servers, workstations and network equipment is a critical requirement to having your business up and running 24/7/365. Using Outside The Box IT (OTBIT) as your Managed Services partner is like having a full time IT (Information Technology) Staff on your payroll. The average salary of a Sr. Systems Administrator is $88,611.00[1]. OTBIT can give your business nearly the same level of support for a fraction of this cost.

Maintaining your network is OTBIT’s proactive approach to preventing IT issues before they start. We will monitor your network infrastructure on a regular basis[2]. Security updates from multiple applications are released on a monthly basis and sometimes multiple times during the month. These updates are critical to keeping your systems running and safe from intruders. OTBIT will monitor the updates and determine if they are secure and pertinent to your system and then install them after hours[3].

Software License Management is one of the most vital parts of your IT responsibility. Just one violation of software license piracy can carry a fine of $150,000.00 plus prison time[4]. OTBIT can plan, purchase, implement, and maintain your licensing compliance. Let us worry about keeping your IT infrastructure legal and secure so you can concentrate on running your business.

Backups and Disaster Recovery may very well save your company. The average Disaster Recovery Coordinator earned $71,779 in 2008[5]. Again, for a fraction of this cost, OTBIT will take charge and set up a secure, rock solid backup and disaster recovery plan for all of your data. With the correct solution in place and working properly, you will be prepared for any disaster that may happen to your business. If a disaster happens, OTBIT can restore your entire business data to new hardware and have you up and running again within days, and in most cases, hours.

Anitvirus/Firewalls must be maintained and updated on a daily basis. Without the proper setup of your antivirus software and firewall, your company is susceptible to the thousands of computer viruses and malware that is lurking on the Internet looking for a vulnerable network. OTBIT will make sure that your firewall is configured correctly and diligently keep your antivirus software up to date and compliant. Although your antivirus software and firewall are your first lines of defense against attacks, they are not 100% effective all the time. There will always be a new virus or attack that could break through your defenses. But with OTBIT on your side, your chances of avoiding any problems are greatly increased due to our proactive approach to protecting your IT infrastructure.



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Managed Services