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Managed Services

Now you can virtually have a full time Systems Administrator for your small business!  Enjoy the security of having a Sr. Systems Administrator at your disposal for a fraction of the cost of a full time I.T. person.  Contact us for your custom configured Managed Services program designed exclusively for your business.

Cloud Services

The playing field has definitely been leveled for the small business owner.  With the advent of cloud computing, even a single person business can have the same enterprise level tools afforded only by large corporations.  And at a price that makes fiscal sense for even the most cash conscience business owner. Let OTBIT show you just how easy and affordable the "cloud" can be.



Let us design a Peer to Peer, Wireless, or Client-Server network for your company. We’ll provide
you with professional recommendations based on your current and future needs. Then we’ll present you with flexible options and competitive quotes.


Remote Solutions

Today’s office has no walls. OTBIT can set you up with remote access to your PC at work so you can access it from the comfort of your home. All applications available to you at the office can now easily be utilized from any PC you wish to use.


Project Management

Whether you are planning a large, or small, roll out of new equipment, software or any other IT function, we can help you. From the initial planning stage all the way thru to implementation and knowledge transfer to other employees, we are there to help make your project rollout smooth and successful.


PC Repair

PC’s have become the work horse for businesses in the 21st century. It is extremely important to have your PCs working correctly and efficiently. With OTBIT, you can rest assured that your computer hardware will remain a contributing asset, instead of a troublesome liability.


Mobile Devices

In addition to a laptop with cellular access, you can access all of your e-mail, contacts and calendar from your cellular phone. With the help of your mobile device, you will never miss that important e-mail or appointment again. And with the laptop connected to the internet via a cellular card or a “hotspot”, you can access you office PC via the remote solutions we offer.


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