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Application Development

Custom Program Creation

At Outside the Box IT we provide a comprehensive array of .NET Development Solutions. To enhance your business's productivity, we are able to design applications for a variety of platforms, including desktop, servers, as well as mobile devices.

Collaborative Solutions

To streamline your workflows and internal communications, we offer the deployment of technology that gets your team on the same page with Microsoft SharePoint. This tool will enhance your business's productivity, while making project collaboration easier than ever.

Database Development

Whether you need a database to store customer information or an inventory information center, Outside the Box offers a wide-range of services to help you. Experienced in all areas of SQL data storing and management and will get your data to work for you.


Microsoft Office Solutions Tools

In addition to our customized Application Development, Outside the Box IT is experienced in installing Microsoft Software designed to enhance your business productivity. These software solutions include Access, Excel, InfoPath, Outlook, and Word.


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Application Development Services